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Lilac Milo

Metal Bracket Selfie Stick Bluetooth Set Ring Light with Gimbal

Metal Bracket Selfie Stick Bluetooth Set Ring Light with Gimbal

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As we all know, traditional incandescent bulbs have been gradually replaced by newest and high-tech LED ring light in many places, such as photo studio and so on. So today we'd like to offer you this Kshioe 6 inch Ring Light with Gimbal Iron Metal Bracket Selfie Stick Bluetooth Set, which is featured with extremely long lifespan, low energy consumption, high light efficiency and environment protection. And it's also covered with durable material, offering it a complete protection and perfect heat dissipation. Moreover, our LED ring light can give out bright and pure light to protect your eyes and make the environment around you more romantic and safer.

1. Lightweight and easy to install
2. Durable for easy carrying
3. Convenient and practical
4. Provide bright and soft light, fit for photo studio lighting
5. Photo Studio lamp holder for video, portrait and product photography

1. Power: USB Port
2. 3 Colors, Stepless Dimming, White Light, Warm Light, Soft Light
3. Interface: 1/4 General Screw Hole
4. Shape: Round
5. Outer Diameter: 6 Inches/16cm
6. Total Power: 5W Power Supply 5V
7. Color Temperature: 3200K-5500K
8. Dimmable: Yes
9. Dimming Range: 1%-100%
10. Total Lighting: 3600Lm
11. Cri (Color Rendering Index):> 83
12. Adapter: Universal

Package Includes:
1 x 6 Inch Ring Light with Pan / Tilt
1 x Mini Desktop Metal Tripod
1 x Selfie Stick
1 x Mobile Phone Folder
1 x Gimbal

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